Blogging Tips

It’s been a year since I wrote. I am lost. I really want to start blogging again but I feel like there is sooo much I want to blog about. From my creative works, fitness, music, and my grandmother’s stories. So, I want to seek out bloggers. Tell me how you started, I really would like to hear from experienced bloggers.



Positive Outlook

Good Morning All!!


I am feeling so GREAT and feeling that it’s a GREAT day to blog. It’s been awhile since I blogged and not much has changed like I had hoped, job wise, except I am in Grad school now. I am so excited to be starting this new year taking classes, I have missed learning and the social part of being in school. Of course, there are some online courses involved but at least I get to do a lot of learning. I am pursuing two Masters Degrees a Master of Business Administration and Masters in Media Arts and Computer Science. I would like to establish some goals for my blogging also. I would like to incorporate more of my creativity in my blog, such as, sharing my design pieces, videos, and ideas.

Here are a few goals that I would like to see me complete in this new year:

-Song of the month videos: I would like to start singing again and I thought if I share videos of my singing that would help me to practice more. I think I will use my practice time as time with my daughter also, taking time to sing with her.

– I used to jot down poetry and songs that I have written and I haven’t in a while so I would like to start a page for my songs.

– I want to someday write a book with all of my grandmother’s stories and I think I would like to have them included in my blog but private for now. So, I’ll need another page for that.

– I will be sharing my design pieces as I go through my Master’s programs. There might not be much coming from the MBA program but I may share a piece here and there of papers or projects that I am proud of.

– Share more stories of my time on the road with my musician husband.

– Health/Fitness is also something I will be blogging about.

Hmm maybe I need more pages??


I am super excited to be blogging more this year.

God Bless!

eleven days of walk/jogging

Hi all!

Today marks eleven days! eleven days!! I am so proud of myself. I have never kept up any sort of exercise, for this long, ever, in my life. AND I have lost two pounds so far I am so excited. I can’t wait to see more progress.

Getting up early was always challenging for me but these days it’s as if I don’t even need an alarm clock anymore. I have an internal one that gets me up right at 6am. AH-MAZING!!!!

This week was quite a stressful one at work so all the exercising is really helping with that also. There are changes happening at work that I am not comfortable with but I am working on a plan b. Hopefully all goes well. I hope you all have a restful night. Good night!

I am BACK!!!!!

Hello Blog World!

I am back! I fell off the blog world right around the time my family lost my adorable 5 year old niece. She was the sweetest, brightest, inspiring little girl. It happened very suddenly and my family is still in shock. The hardest part is realizing that you won’t see her adorable little face again but comforted by knowing that she’s one of heaven’s angels now.

I am in my continued struggle of balancing life and health/fitness. I didn’t get past the 6th day of the 30 day shred. I. am. ashamed. So, I am trying a different approach to getting some exercise into my schedule. I have taken up jogging well it’s more of a weird fast walk right now but I can already feel that I am getting better. Today will be my fifth day of jogging. To my surprise I actually enjoy getting up early to have some me time, get some fresh air, and just go. Although, I could pass on the realization of different parts of my body jiggling. That’s annoying BUT it’s also motivation.

Here’s to keeping this up!!

It’s February

Here I am an entire month has passed since the new year and like usual I fell off the fitness resolution I started with. I made it to day 6 of the 30 day shred and then completely fell back into my old habits. I don’t know what it will take to keep me motivated but I know one thing is for sure….I am tired. I am tired of my own excuses and I know that I am my biggest enemy. My body is tired of carrying this extra weight and I really need to change my habits.

I am NOT going to give up. In the last week or so I have been really watching what I eat. If its not something particularly healthy, I watch my portions. I am making an effort to plan my meals. So far I have lost three pounds, it’s small but it’s a start. I am also planning on beginning the shred again. I admit that….. I am sooooo not a morning person but its the only free time I really have so I will be working on that part too. No more excuses. I have to change.

Bad Habits

I fell back into my old bad habits yesterday. I had a soda, some chips, and candy. I had this state of mind, “well, I’m working out now so it’s okay to eat this” all day. I really need to change this state of mind and remind myself that I need to keep on the straight and narrow if I want the results I’m working for.

I also didn’t wake up in time for Day 5 of the 30 day shred….another bad habit. I am hoping I will have some time to do it later. I have a much better chance of working out in the morning than I do any other time of the day. If I don’t get it in today, I definitely plan on continuing the workout tomorrow. I may try the butt workout that I found on pinterest yesterday instead….it’s shorter and it will allow me to spend some time with my darling girl this evening.


Day 4, Level 1 Completed of the 30 day shred. Having to say goodbye.

This morning my eyes popped open at 6:11 am. I dreaded getting out of my warm bed but I reminded myself that today was Day 4 of my challenge. I have made it this far. I haven’t been consistent about getting my workout in so early in the morning and I have missed a few days but I refuse to give up. I need this change. I have noticed after my first pregnancy that my body has changed not only in the regular weight gain, stretch marks, etc. but also I have noticed that my joints are weak, there’s a sporadic pain in my hips/back. I feel like these ailments are coming from the extra weight I have been carrying since college. I lost all the weight that I gained with my pregnancy but I started the pregnancy being 40 pounds overweight.

Last night, I received my copy of “The Black Eyed Peas Experience” game for my wii so I popped it in and I had so much fun dancing that I didn’t notice that I danced for over an hour. My sweet little one had so much fun dancing with me and even my hubby joined in on the fun. I hope to have more nights like that with my little family. As my darling girl was going to sleep she kept saying “dance?” it was awesome.

I have mentioned before that I do work in my community, which is on the Navajo Nation. Well, yesterday we had to say goodbye to someone I really looked up to and respected in my company. This man has a such a big heart for the Navajo people. He isn’t Navajo, he is Caucasian but I always considered him Navajo. He understood the culture and knew more about the traditions than I did….even the language. I have so much respect for this man, he had taught me so much in the last five years and it was hard for me to see him leave. I really hate goodbyes.I lost my Chei (grandfather) a few years ago. This man reminded me so much of my own Chei. He would tell me stories about the old days, railroads, Navajo Code Talkers, and he had a excellent work ethic. I am going to miss him. In his absence I feel like there will be so much change in the company and I have to admit I have my fears. For right now I can only hope for the best and I am doing my best to continue to have positive thoughts about going forward.