Happy Birthday to me!!

So, today is my birthday and I feel like a celebrity on Facebook. HA! Gosh, I wonder if anyone would remember birthdays if it weren’t for Facebook.

I have plans this afternoon to take my darling girl to a pumpkin patch in Corrales with a petting zoo and all. We went to a smaller patch over the weekend nothing too exciting just pumpkins and hay. I am excited about this one since there will be animals and my girl LOVES horses and sheep. Then dinner with my little family. I am really looking forward to it. Hopefully some cake too 🙂 Yay!! Happy Birthday to me.

Our weekend ended in fear and worries.

This weekend ended in fear and worries for my little family.  It started out all so great, Saturday Hubby came home around 5am from his gig the night before and slept most of the day. My daughter and I woke up around 8am ready for the day, I had a whole lot of cleaning to catch up on and she had a lot of energy to burn. We made a good breakfast and started off on our day. Things wound down as the day progressed, chores, and meals were complete.  We spent the rest of the evening relaxing and watching movies together as a family. Saturday was a good day.

Sunday was very busy. We got up, ate breakfast, got ready for church, dropped Grandma off at her church (all Navajo language church) then off to our church. I should have known it was not going to be a good day after I sliced my finger on our new Ninja Blending Appliance while cleaning the parts.  After church we planned to head to the nearest pumpkin patch, get some groceries, stop by to drop off a piece of furniture at a relative’s house, stop by our church in the evening to discuss Wednesday’s church harvest fest, and then finally head home and relax a bit before the week began again. Everything went as planned except for the relaxing part.

In a few seconds everything changed. My daughter was on the couch while I was cleaning up after she had finished her last snack of the day. She got up started to stand on the couch and while she was standing I warned her to sit down. In the mere SECOND that I looked away to place a piece of paper in the trash she fell off, head first. As I looked back she was already on the floor and I saw the last bit of her fall as she bent her little neck  back as she tumbled and finally fell in a face up position. My little darling girl burst out crying. At that moment I felt like the WORST MOTHER in history. Hubby raced into the room demanding an explanation, I just held my precious baby in my arms wishing I could take her place at that very moment. Within minutes she stopped crying but she seem very disoriented. It was so hard to tell since her bed time had passed. Her father and I asked her questions that she normally could respond to. Daddy grabbed a stuffed animal horse and asked, “sweetie, what’s this?” baby girl responded “Emo” she never got that wrong, she always got that right! We feared the worst.

I called the local paramedics and they advised that we take her in immediately. We sped of to the nearest Emergency Room, and to my surprise there weren’t too many people in the pediatric emergency room.  The entire time we were waiting there I just kept replaying the moment in my head….. How could I let this happen? Why didn’t I just grab her instead of throwing that piece of paper in the trash first? We got through triage, then into a room where we waiting what felt like an eternity. It was getting harder and harder to keep her awake, I kept her up out of fear that she may have a concussion. Finally a nurse came in and informed us that we could let her sleep since we’re now in the ER. My darling girl drifted off into sleep and the doctor came in and said she would be getting a CT SCAN to make sure there isn’t any swelling/bleeding in the brain. Oh my goodness, I thought, and the fear just over came me. The ‘what if’ thoughts kept reeling in my head. Hubby and I prayed over and over. The radiologist came to escort us to the CT SCAN room and she asked me to place my baby on the bed and said I could stay there with her. I don’t think they could have made me leave the room anyway, they placed a vest on me and started up the machine. As I watched the machine do it’s job I just kept saying the same prayer over and over. Lord, I pray that there is nothing wrong with my baby and that she is as healthy as ever. It was finished and we all went back to the room. The doctor came in after 20 minutes and with good news. It was a mild concussion, there is no bleeding/swelling of the brain. Everything is fine. Thank you JESUS!!!  Hubby and I just prayed again. I learned my lesson. I don’t think I would have forgiven myself if anything worst had happened. I still feel so guilty.

This morning as she woke up things seemed back to normal and fine but I just kept kissing my baby over and over. Praying to god to help me be a better mother.

Gig Day

I woke up this morning at 6:25 am and sure enough hubby was still asleep. The band has a gig in San Carlos, AZ at 5pm this evening. I woke him up and got myself up to get ready for the day. After a quick shower, a kiss for me and a kiss for baby girl he was out the door, they left at 7am to hit the road.

It is an approximate 6 hour drive but it’s a nice one. I always enjoyed driving to San Carlos, AZ through the desert then finally the beautiful mountains. There’s something about driving through the mountains in the fall that just makes you feel alive. The crisp cool air, smell of pine, cedar, wildlife, and such fresh air!! There is a bridge between the mountains with a rest area that I always like to stop at. Just plain beautiful. If you have ever listened to Native American Flute music, it’s the kind of music that brings me back to that area.

After hubby left I had to race the clock to get myself ready, baby girl ready, packed and then we were out the door at 7:45 (late), I dropped her off at one of her Nali’s (Paternal Grandmother in Navajo) she is my husbands aunt and has been such a big help to us.

As I drove from their house I said a prayer for my baby, myself, hubby, and the day that we face.

A Family in Business

I thought I would take time today to write about the band and being a part of a family business.

The members of the band are all related and began at a very young age. They are a three piece band, all members of the Navajo Nation. I am very proud of all of them and their success. It all started out so simple and fun! Almost like fate.

As the year progressed it evolved into a business and sometimes… I do really miss the family part. Each member of my family has made big sacrifices for our family band to get from gig to gig, or go on tour for weeks…..because well, we believe in them. As a business major I know all too well the risks involved in having a family business and how it can strain relationships, this is my biggest fear. I pray about this often and at this point I feel like it’s the only thing I can do.

On a personal level, I have had my share of worries about hubby being on the road and it is a struggle on the home front especially in the last year. I have a daytime job and I often have to find a care provider for my daughter while I work. We live on the reservation and there is no daycare locally. Extended family members have really helped me in this area. I am so thankful to each of them.

I do my best to be the encouraging and supportive wife.  It is hard but I believe in my husband and he has great potential. I pray that he and his band get the recognition they deserve.

The Family business is a blessing but I do pray that we remain a close family first and foremost.

Welcome to Native Life.Love.Music!

I have been married to a musician for the past eight years and I was raised in a musical family. I hope to share some of my (our) experiences on life, music, love and health and the things we have learned along the way with this blog.

We have one daughter who is such a joy and a blessing to our lives. Also as the title suggest we are Native American (Navajos). I sincerely appreciate the technology we have today and the endless possibilities it provides. I do not take for granted the privilege that we have to communicate and meet new people via the world wide web.