Promises to myself

Wow, has it really been weeks since I last logged on? I have so much to share with this post. December 2012 was quite a ride! Things are finally starting to continue at a leisurely pace and I can now breathe. Our Christmas was great! We received some news that was just the cherry on top of the Christmas ice cream. The band will be opening up for Los Lonely Boys (LLB) soon!!! WOW! This band started with my husband and his cousin, who at the time were really quite inspired by LLB. This is a dream come true! We are, as you can imagine, very excited!

My darling girl really enjoyed herself on Christmas day, she played most of the day with her new toys.  We were all so exhausted by 3pm Christmas day that we all went to our beds and slept for two hours straight. It was quite nice to have a midday nap for a change hubby and I joked that the nap was our Christmas gift from our darling girl. 🙂

We are four days away from the New Year. The band will be on the East Coast for a New year’s eve party/gig and fly back on New Years day. This will be the first year that I won’t have a New Year’s kiss from my hubby out of the 11 years we have been together. I am a bit bummed about that but I’ll have my little girl to kiss who is a part of hubby so that makes things a little better. Every year, for the New Year I have made several promises to myself. I would like for this year to be the year that I own up to those promises and they are the same every year:

1. Make time for family

2. Go back to school to get my Masters

3. Focus on my health/Fitness

4. Sing (I used to be in a choir… I really do miss singing but it feels like the longer I have waited to get back out there the more I am afraid)

5. Get back into my field (Marketing/Design/Promotions)


I have been better about spending time with my family this past year and this blog along with my craft blog makes me feel like I’m making an effort in getting back into my field. This blog helps me with my communication skills 🙂 I am excited to see what 2013 has in store for me and my family. Happy New Year from my family to yours. God bless!








Happy December!

It is December again. The month filled with Christmas cheer, joy, and love. I am excited about this month, I used to be  grinch to be quite honest but something about having a child makes this time of year so much more exciting and fun. Last night we put a Christmas Tree up for my girl she had fun helping us put the ornaments on and her reaction when she saw the lights come on…priceless. My girl just stood there staring at the tree for quite some time and she’s a toddler that never stops moving.

Our weekend was nice we got to join daddy on a gig in Taos, NM. This was my first time and Taos and wow it is a beautiful place I really enjoyed myself. We got to see all the Christmas lights up and we danced the night away during the concert. Baby girl loves to dance, especially when she gets to teach someone her Mickey Mouse “Hot Dog” Dance haha it was really great to meet some new fans and get out of the ordinary for us.

The band has a few more gigs coming up this weekend but we won’t be joining them since there are long drives in between. We are planning on taking my grandmother and baby’s great grand mother out and about to Gallup for some native grub and Native Christmas shopping. It should be fun!

Let’s make this a December to remember 😀