Day 4, Level 1 Completed of the 30 day shred. Having to say goodbye.

This morning my eyes popped open at 6:11 am. I dreaded getting out of my warm bed but I reminded myself that today was Day 4 of my challenge. I have made it this far. I haven’t been consistent about getting my workout in so early in the morning and I have missed a few days but I refuse to give up. I need this change. I have noticed after my first pregnancy that my body has changed not only in the regular weight gain, stretch marks, etc. but also I have noticed that my joints are weak, there’s a sporadic pain in my hips/back. I feel like these ailments are coming from the extra weight I have been carrying since college. I lost all the weight that I gained with my pregnancy but I started the pregnancy being 40 pounds overweight.

Last night, I received my copy of “The Black Eyed Peas Experience” game for my wii so I popped it in and I had so much fun dancing that I didn’t notice that I danced for over an hour. My sweet little one had so much fun dancing with me and even my hubby joined in on the fun. I hope to have more nights like that with my little family. As my darling girl was going to sleep she kept saying “dance?” it was awesome.

I have mentioned before that I do work in my community, which is on the Navajo Nation. Well, yesterday we had to say goodbye to someone I really looked up to and respected in my company. This man has a such a big heart for the Navajo people. He isn’t Navajo, he is Caucasian but I always considered him Navajo. He understood the culture and knew more about the traditions than I did….even the language. I have so much respect for this man, he had taught me so much in the last five years and it was hard for me to see him leave. I really hate goodbyes.I lost my Chei (grandfather) a few years ago. This man reminded me so much of my own Chei. He would tell me stories about the old days, railroads, Navajo Code Talkers, and he had a excellent work ethic. I am going to miss him. In his absence I feel like there will be so much change in the company and I have to admit I have my fears. For right now I can only hope for the best and I am doing my best to continue to have positive thoughts about going forward.